Point Reyes Lodging

A Taste of Poing Reyes

Restaurants & Eats

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The area hosts a variety of sit down dining experiences, many offering locally grown and produced ingredients.

Local Restaurants

in Olema

Olema Inn (415) 663-9559
Farm House Restaurant, Bar and Deli (415) 663-1264

in Point Reyes Station

Osteria Stellina (415) 663-9988
Station House Café (415) 663-1515
Pine Cone Diner (415) 663-1536
Café Reyes (415) 663-9493
Pt. Reyes Vineyard Inn (415) 663-1011

in Inverness

Priscilla's Pizza & Cafe (415) 669-1244
Vladimir's (415) 669-1021
Blackbird Cafe (415) 669-7195

Drake's Beach Café (415) 669-1297

in Marshall

Tony's Seafood (415) 663-1107
Marshall Store (415) 663-1339
Nick's Cove Restaurant (415) 663-1033

Picnics and Delis

The spectacular scenery, beaches and overlooks of Point Reyes hosts many fine picnic locations. There are numerous delis and markets in the area where visitors can pick up locally made fresh bread, cheeses, produce, sandwiches, freshly made salads and sides to go. Don't forget some tasty cookies or dessert items to go with your picnic as well as something to wash it all down.

Whether you plan to drive to a picnic area or are heading out for a hike on the many trails of the Point Reyes National Seashore, a picnic is a great way to enjoy the scenery of the national park and surrounding areas.

Below is a list of delis or grocery stores that sell picnic supplies.

Hog Island Oysters is a fun place to plan a picnic with friends, reservations are suggested

Cowgirl Creamery (415) 663-9335
Palace Market (415) 663-1016
Bovine Bakery (415) 663-9420
Whale of a Deli (415) 663-8464
Peri's Deli (415) 663-1491

Farm House Deli (415) 663-8615

Inverness Store (415) 669-1041

Hog Island Oysters (415) 663-9218 Extension 255

Marshall Store (415) 663-1339